All in One - 1 Pack each

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One box include 7 pieces, each product 1 piece

No.1 Crystal Fizz  -  Cola Ice + Menthol

No.2 Rosso Hiera   -  Redbull + Ice Wine

No.3 Emerald Lush  -  Watermelon + Apple Ice

No.4 Berry Blast  -  Blueberry + Strawberry

No.5 Malibu Honeymoon  -  Honey Dew + Peach

No.6 Sunset  -  Tango Mango + Orange Soda

No.7 Fairytale  -  Cotton Candy + Ice Lolly

Brand Alex Stenson International Limited
About the Brand Advanced electronic cigarettes and the next generation of vaping equipment. Using most advanced techniques and design to bring you innovative products.
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