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Premium High Quality CBD Oil Swiss Original Cannabis produces some of the best CBD Oil products and working with other well established brands like Moellerup Gods. The CBD Oil from Swiss Original Cannabis is 100% organic certified, vegan friendly, without any pesticides, herbicides or additives. Full Spectrum CBD Extract with organic hemp oil from Moellerup Gods. 2 Strengths available in 10ml bottles: Premium CBD Oil 5% & Premium CBD Oil 10% Premium High Quality CBD Capsules The Swiss Original Cannabis CBD capsules are a great option for those who do not like the taste of CBD or hemp. Taking CBD capsules always gives you the exact same dosage every time and without any taste of CBD or hemp. Their CBD Capsules is made of the same base as the CBD Oil, meaning ofcourse it is also 100% organic certified, vegan friendly, without any pesticides, herbicdes or additives. Full Spectrum CBD Extract in a softgel capsule. 1 Strength available: Premium CBD Capsules 15pcs 20mg pr. Piece Swiss Original Cannabis Concentrates & Vape Looking for a high concentrate of CBD? Then Swiss Original Cannabis CBD Crystals are the perfect option for you. With 1g of 99% Pure CBD Crystal, combined with the popular ooze slim twist pro for vaping. You are ready for a hit. Swiss Original Cannabis Swiss Original Cannabis always make the best effort to make sure that the products will meet every customers expectations of their high quality CBD products - And get well, not high. In Switzerland, all cannabis products containing less than 1.0% THC are allowed and legal. And while their products only contain less than 0.2% THC, they are legal everywhere in the European Union making it safe for you purchase any of their products. Need help finding the right product? The customer service members are always smiling and has a lot of experience in the CBD area, so feel free to contact them and ask them any question you may have.

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